Childhood Nostalgia with These Various Snacks.

Childhood is a time that will never be forgotten in our life. Playing with friends, going on vacation with family, enjoying favourite foods and drinks, and doing activities that will always be precious memories. For you who always spare your time to snack must be familiar with these various snacks. These snacks will bring nostalgia to your exciting childhood.

Dua Kelinci

You must be familiar with "Dua Kelinci", right? This snack is really popular and spread across Indonesia. This is even available abroad. So, there are some various types of snacks starting from the original one to various flavours that won't get you bored. Dua Kelinci's variants are available in more than ten flavours such as Garlic Flavour Peanut, Roasted Groundnuts, and others.


This snack is also legendary! Snacks that always accompany us in our spare time, as an eating friend, hangout friend, and any friend for you. Sukro also has many variants so your tongue will always be spoiled by the pleasure of Sukro's taste. With Sukro, life is getting more fun!

Tic Tac

Crispy and having many flavours variants! Tic Tac! A crispy Tic Tac will always be our favourite snack from then until now. It doesn't feel complete if we eat without Tic Tac. For you, Tic Tac has many flavours variants to make your day colorful. Starting from Original Tic Tac to other flavours variant! It's really fun if you want to try all of those variants. Tic Tac makes the fun that can't be stopped!

Deka Wafers

If you just have nostalgia with tasty, salty, and spicy taste, now we check this sweet snack! Deka! Wafer roll with various flavours variants that make you feel like you are brought back to your happy childhood with precious memories. Starting from Deka Wafer Roll Choco, Deka Wafer Roll Choco Nuts, and other variants that are available in jumbo size such as Deka Wafer Roll Jumbo with various flavours and different packaging variants. Deka Wafers will never let you down! Wafer with perfect combination in every activity.

So? How was it? Those are some snacks from Dua Kelinci that could bring exciting childhood nostalgia with friends, family, and others. Years have gone and #selaluadaduakelinci evidently has always been around us. Accompanying us grow till now.