A word of the President Director:

With 25 years of experience in the food industry, PT Dua Kelinci has become one of the famous and reputable snack manufacturers in Indonesia. With the big spirit and energy, our team has succeeded to provide the selection of quality peanuts, nuts, and beans that we present in tasty and healthy products. Using the latest product innovation and development, we expand our product portfolio into wafers, drinks, and chocolate categories to fulfil consumer needs for tasty and quality products.

Our focus is always providing the best, healthy, safe, and halal snacks. Along with these, we have implemented international quality standard management which has brought us success to expand our distribution network to the international market. We now have exported our products to various countries and regions in the world such as South East Asia, China, Middle East, Europe, America, and Africa.

We are so thankful for your interest in PT Dua Kelinci and through our website, we always hope you will know about us and our product better.

Best Regards,
Hadi Sutiono
President Director


To become the most popular snack manufacturer in Indonesia and become a pioneer of perfection in food processing method and business ethic.


To achieve this vision, We will always do our best to: 1. Improve competitiveness by focusing on quality, efficiency, and technology improvement. 2. Work consistently to improve performance and enhance the corporate brand by utilizing and expanding our global distribution network. 3. Compete in quality by being efficient and able to implement new technology, also to keep being responsive to consumer needs and wills in Indonesia and International.

Dua Kelinci Commitment

We committed to guaranteeing 2 important things about Dua Kelinci food products: Best Quality and 100% HALAL. We always improve our production standard and competitiveness with our best people on this business, sophisticated technology implementation and research method to take our consumer to get what they precisely want when they want it.

Through this CSR Programme, we also ensure all the Dua Kelinci production processes are eco-friendly and our sustainable practice is utterly conformable to the environment and society.