Here It Is! Perfect Snacks to Complete Your Family Time

The COVID-19 pandemic that happens around the world including Indonesia causes the government to set the self-quarantine policy that is done by the society in their own house. Self-quarantine aims as one of the ways to prevent the increase of Covid-19 virus contagion in society. So, every activity that involves the crowd in one place will increase the risk of COVID-19 contagion.

That's why daily activity that is usually done such as studying in school or working in office and other activities must be done at home. Maybe it sounds boring, especially because you can't see your beloved friends. Don't worry because the boredom will be gone and replaced because you can spend your time with your family at home. Nothing is wrong to spend more time with family or family time. It will bring positive effects and make our day colorful. #dirumahaja policy from the government can be utilised by you and your family that are usually busy with their own business. Now, we can get closer to each other by having family time.

To spend time with family or family time, you need to prepare snacks as a complement. Having family time is not complete without snacking because it would make the family time more exciting. However, you can't just carelessly pick snacks by taste only! You also need to understand the nutrition contained in the snack so your snacking activity will always be healthy. Family time definitely will be funner with Dua Kelinci snacks that are available as a complement snack.

When having a casual conversation, laughs and jokes around with family members such as Father, Mother, Brothers and Sisters, and other members. Dua Kelinci is available in various flavours and variants that you can choose every day. Started from Sand Grilled Groundnuts, Roasted Groundnuts, Garlic Flavour Peanuts, and many more. Every day, you and your family will be accompanied by various flavours selection and you will not get bored. What are you waiting for? Make sure you prepare Dua Kelinci as complement snacks for family time!