Five Mandatory Snacks for 90s Kids! What's Your Favourite?

Childhood is one of the beautiful times in someone's life. Times where the mind is free and without burden. 90s kids must agree if their childhood is only filled with school studying, playing with friends, and spending their pin money to buy snacks. Talking about snacks, 90s kids are obligated to know these 5 snacks. One of them must be your favourite!

Dua Kelinci Peanut

Who doesn't know Dua Kelinci Peanut? This peanut snack is definitely familiar for the 90s kids. With the affordable price, Dua Kelinci Peanut presents various peanut snack variants that are hard to forget for the 90s kids. There are Roasted Groundnuts, Shanghai Peanuts, Broad Beans, and many more. Which one is your favourite?

Tic Tac

90s kids must be familiar with this round-shape snack. This snack is named TicTac. Snacks with delicious flavours variants become one of the 90s kids' favourites. Moreover, TicTac is really perfect for accompanying your eating time. Have you ever tried to eat rice with TicTac?

Star Sticks

Who doesn't know Star Sticks? This snack is perfect for accompanying the 90s kids with family, friends, and other activities. This wafer snack, crispy wafer coated with soft cream, consists of three flavours variants. Chocolate, Peanut, and Strawberry flavours. Let's try these again!


This snack is Krip Krip. A favourite snack of the 90s. This snack that is made from corn is guaranteed to always be most people's favourite, including you! 90s kids! Krip-Krip is available in various flavour variants that make you addicted. There is Roasted Beef, Roasted Corn, Nacho Cheese, Spicy Barbeque, Original, and Sweet Chili flavours.

Sukro Snack

The last legendary snack of the 90s kids is Sukro. This coated peanut snack has always been 90s kids favored. Besides the taste is delicious, the snack is affordable and suitable for the 90s kids at school and of course because #selaluadaduakelinci in the school's canteen or the nearest shop.

For you 90s kids, which legendary snacks above become your favourite? Or maybe all those snacks are your favourite classic snacks of your childhood? Most of those snacks are still easy to find in the nearest shop. But, there are also snacks that are hard to find. I bet those 90s kids snacks have their own story in your childhood.