National Sports Day during The Pandemic

Sports are healthy activities and could be done by anyone and anytime. National Sports Day or Haornas is commemorated on 9th September and it's decided by the  Presidential Decree Number 67 of 1985. Sport is really important until the government makes national sports day in Indonesia.  By doing sport, you will live healthily and your staminal becomes stronger. Even if we just stay at home, sport is important, especially during this Covid-19 pandemic. This thing makes us have to stay at home and do social distancing. So, Dua Kelinci buddy can spend your time doing light activities such as exercising or reading books.

Dua Kelinci Buddy, do you know the aim of the national sports day celebration in Indonesia? National sports day aims to grow the passion of sport routinely and regularly so Indonesian will always be healthy.

Every year, the Ministry of Youth and Sports holds the tournament in every region and is participated by the best athletes in every region. Meanwhile, this year, with the "sports science" theme as the main theme of Haornas 2020 and some sports tournaments are held virtually such as rock climbing, shooting, and e-sports. Besides that, the Ministry of Youth and Sports also holds virtual poco-poco dance. Dua Kelinci Buddy can participate in poco-poco dance at home virtually with the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

Dua Kelinci Buddy that is good in Yoga can participate in a Yoga competition that is held by the Ministry of Youth and Sports by sending the video of you doing yoga to the Ministry of Youth and Sports. Dua Kelinci Buddy can also join the webinar that is held by the Ministry of Youth and Sports related to explain the role of the sports to prepare the athletes in world level sports, adventure sports, new normal sports, and discuss it with the experts in the sports industry.

So, what about you Dua Kelinci buddy? Have you done exercise regularly? Even if you have to #dirumahaja, Dua Kelinci buddy can do light sports at home to keep healthy and maintain your body. Don't forget to choose Dua Kelinci snacks if you are hungry after doing sports!