The Benefits of Sunflower Seeds for Body Immune

The vaccine of coronavirus that is happening has not been found. One of the right moves to do is protecting ourselves by maintaining body immunity. But, how to do that?

Some references mention if consuming Vitamin E is considered effective to increase body immune against various disease. Vitamin E is a fat soluble compound and has antioxidant properties so it's believed to maintain body immunity. Consuming vitamin E routinely is able to give imunostimulan effect so it's able to increase the resistance against disease.

It makes Vitamin E supplements sought after by people. But, do you know if Vitamin E can be got from healthy foods? Maintaining the eating pattern and healthy life are the main key to survive in this condition. For you who #workfromhome and having activity #dirumahaja, there is a good snack to drive your boredom away but keeping your body immune. Come, make a guess?

The answer is Sunflower Seed that has been popular in Indonesia since long ago as a snack that accompanies every activity. The fact about it is sunflower seeds are not ordinary snacks, guys! Do you know if every 100 gram of sunflower seed has 35,17 miligram of Vitamin E? This snack is containing healthy nutritions such as fiber, proteint, mineral K, Mg, and Zn. Sunflower seeds is widely known as a complete snack of nutritions and having a positive effect for the body.

It's like hitting two birds with one stone right? While driving the boredom away from #workingfromhome, you are also able to maintain your body immune with this snack. Immune system will be helped if consuming food with a healthy nutritional intake and balanced between Vitamin E and minerals. So it doesn't hurt if we try to consume sunflower seed snacks to keep ourselves from Covid-19.

But, do you get yourself confused to find a high quality snack of sunflower seed? Don't worry! Try Kuaci Fuzo. You don't have to be confused to find it because Kuaci Fuzo is available in the nearby minimarket so you can minimize the possibility of being exposed to the virus. All of the activities that #dirumahaja will be fun and beneficial because you also maintain a healthy lifestyle by consuming a healthy snack. Vitamin E is met, body immune is protected.