Keep Being Happy Although Studying from Home

In the last few weeks, the world is filled with horrendous news of coronavirus outbreak or covid-19 that spreads across the world including Indonesia. This contagion thru droplets that could be water drop or splash when someone is coughing, sneezing, and talking. This spread happens directly and indirectly. Direct spread happens when someone who is infected by coronavirus is coughing, sneezing, and talking then the droplets are exposed to others. Direct spread could be reduced by keeping the distance or physical distancing from other person or it's called #socialdistancing. Indirect spread happens when the droplets spread thru the things that are exposed or contaminated by coronavirus. So, before or after touching things, we are obligated to wash our hand with hand sanitizer or soap.

Government's policy of Indonesia about coronavirus is implementing self-quarantine at home to stop the virus spread in society. Self-quarantine policy also involves  postponing all the learning activities in all the schools around Indonesia and moving it to online learning from home. I guess it's boring not to see your friends and only study at home. Don't worry! You can still be happy even though studying at home. You must be wondering how to keep being happy and not getting bored at home. The answer is #belajardirumah with Krip-krip snack.

Krip-krip is a snack from Dua Kelinci, Tortilla and multigrain chips with various flavours that are really delicious. Krip-krip tortilla is made from selected corn and they have barbeque, roasted corn, and nacho cheese flavours. Krip-krip multigrain is made from selected grains such as wheat, corn, sunflower seed, and oat then its mixed with original, spicy barbeque, and sweet chilli flavours. All the Krip-krip variants are guaranteed to be delicious, crunchy, and savour. Especially when you are studying at home.

So? How? Have you found the happiness of studying at home? Krip-krip is a snack that will always accompany you everyday #belajardirumah. You can try different flavors everyday like Krip-krip Roasted Corn on Monday and Krip-krip multigrain sweet chilli on wednesday. Your boredom will go and you will be more excited to learn. Always provide Krip-krip as a snack supply during study at home!