Independence of Young Generation's Version. How is it like?

The august month will end soon. The thing that is the most remembered from august is definitely the moment of Independence Day celebration on 17th August. Touching moments always bring a new spirit for every generation. One of them is the Indonesian Young Generation. It turns out if the meaning of independence day for the young generation is not only free from colonialism in the past but it's way bigger than that. How does the young generation define and interpret independence? Let's check it out.

  1. Independence of the Young Generation's Version is not only free from colonialism but also from the exes' sweet memories. Since there are a lot of people who still get blue from exes' sweet memories, it might be fun if we make a competition to stop hoping. How does it sound? Interesting, right? So the competitions this year will be various.

  2. Evidently the young generation also wants to be free from the bad habit to let other mentality down. There are a lot of examples that happen nowadays where people are trying to take one to another down. The young generation wants to be free from this bad habit so Indonesia will be better. There are more important things to discuss such as humanitarian, economic, and educational issues. The competition of holding ourselves not to talk about others could be difficult. Is there anyone who wants to join?

  3. Being free from being lazy to move or "Mager". It is a big obstacle that makes it difficult to move forward. Indonesia will never change if the young generation is still too lazy to move around. So? Let's get up and do better things for this beloved country.

  4. Free from losing control when seeing the discount products is one of the Independence of the young generation's version. Who is able to stand for discount products? It seems like everyone is gonna lose their control and forget about everything. Let's get free from being extravagant. Use your money wisely. Remember the old saying, `` diligent maketh rich" if you are diligent to save your money.

Independence has so many versions. It depends on who interprets it and the young generations are one of them. Don't forget that you can show #EkspresiMerDEKAmu with Deka Wafer. Sharing your Deka Wafer to other people will be more beneficial than shopping for unnecessary things.