Healthy Snacks for Quality Learning

The holiday is over! How was your new year celebration? I bet it was so much fun! Especially when you were with the loved one. There were people celebrating the new year with families, best friends, or partners. Whom did you celebrate the new year eve with? The time doesn't feel like passing by. Yesterday the end of year holiday announcement was just stated and now suddenly we are going to start school.

Do you still think about your holiday? Haven't found your learning spirit? Relax! You can still be happy even the holiday is over. As a student, it's time for you to go to school again to learn. Dua Kelinci provides snacks that could make you happy and keep you focused on studying. Tic Tac Snack.

Tic Tac is one of the snacks products from Dua Kelinci that has many flavours variants. There are original flavour, onion chicken, seaweed, spicy, roasted chicken, and mix flavour variants. This snack is healthy because it's made from tapioca flour as basic ingredients and other safe ingredients. Tapioca is good for the body because it could increase the red blood cells so you can be more active and passionate to start your day to learn. Tapioca is also beneficial to keep the bones and muscles healthy so you can be stronger to do the activity and learn. Besides that, if you are having constipation, tapioca functions to facilitate digestion as well. It's really healthy, right? Unfortunately, Tic Tac is not recommended for kids under 5 years old. It's because of children's digestion that has not been working perfectly where the ingredients of Tic Tac have not been completely received and digested well by the kids under 5 years old.

Doing homework and task, studying at school, studying at home for exam preparations, all of those things need focus indeed. Focus is needed so the homework and the task are done well. You can also absorb the object you learn effectively. A good focus is not only seen by the situation of the place you learn but also your mood. With Tic Tac, learning activity will be having a certain quality, you are not gonna be sleepy quickly, you can be more focused and more exciting.