5 Keys of Healthy Life that You often Forget when #WorkFromHome

The impact of coronavirus outbreak or covid-19 is every activity is limited and people have to #workfromhome. Now, people are feeling comfortable with #workfromhome so they forget important things that should be a routine. Lazing around and irregular activities are things that need to be avoided, especially to maintain health. Even you are doing #workfromhome, you need to keep a healthy life pattern everyday. These are 5 keys of healthy life that is often forgotten when #workfromhome

1. Always Wake Up Earlier

You need to maintain your sleeping pattern properly. Don't make #workfromhome keeps you staying up. Keep waking up earlier in the morning so your biological clock is maintained and your health too.

2. Sunbathing in the Morning

Sunbathing in the morning around 8 AM to 10 AM is really recommended. Because the sun ray can turn Pro Vitamin D inside your body to Vitamin D. This will increase your health and make your bone stronger.

3. Doing Exercise Routinely

Doing exercise is a thing that needs to be done routinely. By doing it, our body will be healthier, fitter, and fresher. Spare your time to do exercise when #workfromhome. You can do aerobic, zumba, jump rope, and etc at home.

4. Consuming Nutritious and Balanced Food

To make ourselves excited doing #workfromhome, you need to consume nutritious food. With enough nutrition, your body immune will be stronger and able to fight the disease pathogens. You need to pay attention to the balance on your food. Not only consuming carbohydrate and protein but vegetables and fruits as well.

5. Snack to Boost the Mood!

#workfromhome is not complete without snacking. The perfect snack to consume is Deka Wafers! Deka Wafers is a wafer snack from Dua Kelinci. This crunchy and delicious wafer has chocolate, choco nut, choco banana, matcha green tea, and other flavours. Interesting, right? Deka Wafers won't be boring!

Deka Wafer has healthy contents such as flavonoid on chocolate. Besides that, this snack is also able to boost your mood. You will be more excited to do #workfromhome!

You can always be healthy when #workfromhome. You just need to follow the 5 keys of healthy life above and provide Deka Wafers. Don't forget! Deka Wafers makes your #workfromhome healthier and more exciting.