Promo 9.9 of Dua Kelinci, These Prizes are Waiting for You!

Time flies by and September in 2020 has come! The time that we wait for the most will come. Promo 9.9. Who doesn't know Promo 9.9? Everyone must know about it and feel enthusiastic especially if you like online shopping. During this Covid-19 Pandemic, online shopping becomes the first choice when we have to stay at home. It's gonna be wiser if we just stay at home with the beloved family. You can spend your time snacking on your favorite snack.

Now, you just need to stay at home, choose a product that you want through the application on your smartphone, purchase it, and wait until your product comes. Almost all the products give discounts and cashback, multiple vouchers, even certain prizes for the loyal customers in Promo 9.9 that you might not get in the usual days. No exception for the snack we are all proud of. Dua Kelinci.

This family favorite snack has an exciting surprise for you. What is it? In Promo 9.9, you will have a chance to get merchandise from the Real Madrid Official Store! Wow! When else will you win the merchandise from everyone's favorite club by only buying snacks? Exciting, right? This is how you can get the merchandise. Who knows if you are lucky to get this interesting prize. Let's see!

1. Buy Dua Kelinci Exclusive Pack product in Dua Kelinci Official Store of Tokopedia

2. Write your review and support for Real Madrid and post it on Instagram Story. Don't forget to tag @DuaKelinci Instagram account.

3. This Promo 9.9 lasts from 9 to 23rd September 2020.

It's quite easy, right? Definitely easy! Let's put your Dua Kelinci favorite product to your cart in the Promo 99 Period. Don't forget to give your best support for Real Madrid and be one of the lucky winners who gets the merchandise in the Real Madrid Official Store! You can check the terms and conditions on the Dua Kelinci Official Store account.