Eating Rice is not Complete without This Snack

Dua Kelinci's buddy, Does your appetite increase? or is it just normal and even decreasing? It's really good if your appetite is increasing. But, if your appetite is just normal and even decreasing, you should be careful. Don't get your appetite lost and make your body weaker. In the current situation and condition you need to keep your food supply maintained. Usually, you need to eat rice with the side dishes, vegetable, meat, and egg. But, between those side dishes, is your appetit still just normal? If you haven't tried this snack with rice, it shows that you are not old-school snack fans.

No wonder if your appetite is just normal because you haven't tried this snack from Dua Kelinci. Tic Tac! A snack that tastes really good to eat with rice. TicTac from dua Kelinci is a snack that is suitable to be a side dish of rice or noodle. Especially when you are not having appetite with food that is served at the dining table. By always providing TicTac at home, you certainly will like it and your appetite will increase. Besides that, TicTac has various flavours variants that are definitely really tasty to be side dishes with rice. It depends on your favourite variant that could be your favourite side dishes.

TicTac is a snack that is made from tapioca flour with round shape and having a crunchy and savory flavour. The crispy texture and the taste are really good to be eaten with the warm rice. There is TicTac Onion Flavour that definitely will make you addicted to its delicious taste. There is also TicTac Roast Beef Flavour that makes you feel like eating steak! If you like spicy food, don't worry! TicTac has spicy flavour that is hard to avoid and suitable to accompany your warm rice. TicTac Seaweed Flavour is also nice to eat with rice since it could make you feel like eating a japanese food. Delicious right?

You also don't need to worry if you want to travel and feel confused about eating outside. You can pack the rice and TicTac snack from Dua Kelinci! Because you are Dua Kelinci's buddy, you will definitely #selaluadaduakelinci wherever you are.

Years have gone and Dua Kelinci is going to be 35 years old. That's why, as a Dua Kelinci's buddy, you are obligated to prepare this snack. You don't have to feel confused to buy it because the packaging and the content of this snack is hygiene and has been through a clinical test process before it's ready to sell. Start from now, your appetite will definitely increase because #selaluadaduakelinci wherever you are!