Do You Love Watching K-Drama? Prepare These Things

The self quarantine day is not over. But, there are plenty of activities that you can do at home! One of them is watching K-Drama. For you who like watching K-Drama, you definitely can't stop binge watching for the new drama. Especially when it's starring your favourite actor or actress. Self Quarantine at home makes you able to watch k-drama that now is running everywhere. But it's not complete if you are not accompanied by these things. What are those? Let's see this list.

Laptop and Charger

Watching K-Drama is way better by using a laptop, right? The screen is bigger and the volume can be easily set so it will ease you to watch it. But, when your laptop has a low battery, it must be annoying. So prepare your charger and make sure your laptop is fully charged. Put the laptop and charger in the place that is close to the electric plugs.


When you are watching drama series, it can't be separated from sad moments. Could be the main actor is left behind by the girlfriend, or gets bad luck. We definitely feel the same way too and sometimes we cry for it. Don't ever get your tissu run out when watching k-drama so you don't have to use your tees to wipe your tears.

Favourite Snack

When you are watching k-drama, snack is a thing that is obligated to bring. It's Deka Wafers from Dua Kelinci. Why should you bring it? Deka Wafers has a variant of chocolate wafer that will bring your day brighter. When you are watching it, it's nice to bring Deka Wafer. Deka Wafers is available in many packaging. Boxes, Cans, Big and Small Packaging so it will ease you to bring it anywhere.

How? The plot that is not easy to guess and interesting certainly will make us stay to watch k-drama for hours. K-Drama lovers and #peDEKAte team of course agree to prepare the item listed above, right?