Wheat Snack for The Sports Lovers #Dirumahaja

Sport becomes an activity that is loved by the most people because by doing it, your body will be healthier and fitter. However, if usually you have exercise at the Gym or do jogging outside the house, now you are obligated to do activities #dirumahaja. But, don't worry! You can still do sport even #dirumahaja! Especially when you are accompanied by this delicious wheat snack, Usagi Puff!

Usagi friends already know it, right? Usagi Puff is a snack from Dua Kelinci. This is made from high-carbohydrate wheat, and also contains other nutritions that are good for the body. Wheat is also seeds that have high fiber. High fiber food is really important to consume to fulfill your fiber needs for your body. Usagi Puff has many variants such as Caramel and Barbeque flavour that are really crunchu and make this snake more delicious to try.

There are some sports #dirumahaja that can be done by Usagi Friends such as gymnastics, kardio, and yoga. You can do your favourite workout. Gymnastic consists of several kinds of types such as Zumba, Aerobic, or Acrobatic such as floor aerobic. Cardio @dirumah aja can be done by using treadmill, and Yoga can be done with relaxing #dirumahaja.

Usually after doing workout, Usagi Friend must be feeling hungry, right? It's really recommended to eat after doing a workout but it must be food with high nutrition and fiber, like this Usagi Puff the Wheat Snack. Consuming high fiber food could restore the energy that is lost during the workout. It's really healthy!

For Usagi Friend that loves sport, even you are #dirumahaja, you must be spirited! Do the workout you love and don't forget to always provide Usagi Puff! With Usagi Puff, workout will be fun!  Besides that, Usagi Puff will bring energy to your body. Workout #dirumahaja? Usagi Puff is ready to accompany!