Fasting Goes Well? Avoid These Five Things!

Time flies by so fast and we are in the middle of Ramadan. I hope that your fast goes well guys. Fast can be done well if we do the good habit and avoid these things that could disturb your fast. These are 5 things that must be avoided that you need to know.

1. Suhoor with not Nutritious Food

Avoid doing suhoor with high carbohydrate food, low protein, too much salt and oil because it will make you get hungry faster. Also avoid high caffeine drinks. You are recommended to consume food with balanced content of carbohydrate, protein, and fat.

2. Oversleep

Oversleep is not a good thing even when you are fasting. Even you are doing fasting #dirumahaja, but you are not recommended to sleep all day long. It's gonna be better if you sleep sufficiently after suhoor to fast-breaking time.

3. Being not Productive

You must ever feel not energized during Ramadan, right? Don't make this as a reason to laze around! There are a lot of activities that could be done such as praying, doing your work, and hobbies!

4. Stay Up

Oversleep makes you can't sleep at night? Don't get used to it! Staying up only makes you hard to wake up when Suhoor time comes. It will make your body feel weak all day long.

5. Too Much Eat When Fast-Breaking

After keeping hunger and thirst all day long, you must want to eat and drink for a high amount immediately. But, do you know if eating and drinking too much will only make your stomach "shocked" and in pain. It's better if you start it by drinking a glass of water then consuming this healthy snack, Deka Wafers.

Deka Wafers is a wafer snack from Dua Kelinci. Deka Wafer has healthy contents such as flavonoid in chocolate that is good for our body. This crunchy and delicious wafer has various kinds of types such as Deka Love, Deka Crepes, Deka Wafer Roll, Deka Jumbo with chocolate, choco nut, choco banana, matcha green tea, and other flavours.

To make your fast getting smoother, avoid those five things above! Thing you need to do is provide healthy snacks from Dua Kelinci, Deka Wafers! With Deka Wafers, your fasting will be more exciting!